Lily Heel​,​ Navy Blue Leather



Size: 39.5

Color: Navy Blue

Condition: Good Condition


Faded Color
Needs Resoling
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Seller Notes: These shoes are beautiful, I bought them in California years ago in Marin. The leather has faded, but in a beautiful way, drawing more attention to the intentional fade that was part of the design when they were new. The soles have scuffs, but they are still in great, working condition. I would keep these, but, I am no longer using them because I am a mother with kids and my wardrobe has shifted. From cool, edgy 20's and 30's wear to more comfortable, easy-to-get-stains on wear. And wedges have replaced my heels. I would love for someone to get as much enjoyment out of these as I did. They also come in a brand new shoe box.


Sold by Tamara W

Verified Coclico Customer