Hop Boot - Anthracite Suede








Good Condition


Stain(s), Faded Color

Soft wrinkles reveal the comfort of this relaxed shaft, genuine crepe-soled wedge with natural leather welt. Its subdued details include a patinated metal back zipper and a softly sculpted toe shape. Our genuine crepe soles boast all the character of comfort that evolves over time. The crepe softens the longer you wear it and has excellent shock absorption and grip. Embrace the weathering of this all-natural material. With use, crepe will darken and change and it will carry the places you've been to like a memory. That's a good thing. And feel good that crepe is made from tapping latex from rubber trees. It's an age-old, sustainable way that doesn't harm these giving trees so they continue to sequester carbon, grace us with their beauty, and give us this amazing substance.FIT: The Hop Boot runs true to size. See our size guide to find your Coclico size. 

Italian suede
Heel height: flat feel with 1" height in the sole
Crepe sole
Made in Spain

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